Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Queen Sardine and Princess Persia

Book two is on the shelves! As of this month, the second in my Queen Sardine series is available to buy in paper format and digital. A couple of new characters are thrown into the Kipper Street mix (which - now I write it - sounds like some weird kind of cat food), along with plenty of daftness and cattitude.

And, hey! There's a word for irritating words like 'cattitude' (sorry - I can't help myself) and (even worse) 'chillax' (yes, that nanky old chestnut)... these are portmanteau words, apparently. 'Portmanteau' as in the suitcase in two halves. Two words schmushed together... kind of makes sense. Anyhow, that's the educational content of this blog covered for the next decade or so. Now, back to drawing cats...

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