Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Not-Too-Cutesy Fairy Challenge...

Been working away, trying to create a fairy character (for a picture book I've written) who is appealing but not too saccharine-sweet. *Touch wood* this little one fits the bill. She was originally based on my son's friend, Willow; though Willow was just too cute, so I've tried to add a teensy bit more edginess... not a lot, but it's all relative!

I do seem to be working on a bazillion projects all at once, but it helps keep me out of trouble.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Queen Sardine

Living with 4 cats (though I write this one of them is curled up with a hot water bottle looking not long for this world) was bound to rub off on my work sooner or later.

'Queen Sardine' is my current obsession. She's a hoity-toity tabby cat, and the main character in my young fiction series idea. In case the  pics need some explanation, the first show her confronted by an imaginary monster; the second shows her peeing in a plant pot!

The stories are narrated by Her Majesty's young friend and neighbour, Ivy, who's pretty much manipulated into doing whatever Queen Sardine wants. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Trolls we are a go-go...

Book number 3 has a publishing date! I've been told that the troll book I illustrated last year will be out in early 2013.  This is the first title by the talented Dawn McNiff, and my first author/illustrator collaboration...

Paperback editions, oh yes!

Just 6 weeks (and yes, I'm counting) until Mary Had a Little Lamb is available in paperback. This means that (with the obligatory finger-crossing and wood-touching) it SHOULD be in bookstores this Summer! Waheeee! Available to pre-order on Hodder's website... This will be closely followed by Jack and Jill, which will be available in early August.