Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Review From My Muse

My main (human) character, Ivy, went through some tweaks and changes as I worked on developing her character into that of a believable 8 year old. And who better to look to for inspiration than my young friend, Isis (then 8, now 9)?! She helped me remember how wonderfully frenetic kids' thinking can be. Thank you, Isis! And thanks also for your fantastic review...

Queen Sardine: Book Review

This book is about friendship and bravery. I was engrossed when I had it read to me. I loved the main characters, Queen Sardine and Ivy, because of their personalities. And I felt that little sprout was very cute. Some of the pictures made me laugh. I would like to be friends with Ivy and I hope in the next book she gets her own back on Fabian (the bully boy)! - Isis, aged 8

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